Replacing Air Stone with Hydrogen Peroxide

caldiarFebruary 28, 2010

Hey guys, I've been searching the forums and google to try to find information on this idea I've been having to replace the air stone completely in a DWC system by mixing hydrogen peroxide in to my nutrient solution.

I'm hoping I can get some advice on how effective this would be in completely replacing the air stone + air pump.

I'm growing bhut jolokias and sakura bonsai trees (separate systems) if that effects the necessary oxygen levels.


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I will recommend against this. I would also fashion your own 'air stone' from a few pieces of varying-size metal mesh, start with the larger mesh for the center, and the finer mesh for the outside layers, and you'll have a no-clog solution that'll last a long time.

I still use airstones, but sometimes they clog up and annoy me, and cause problems for my plants.

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I have never been sucessful at removing an airstone from the DWC of hydroponics.

I have had tons of people tell me that that H20H adds 02 at safe levels to plants.

Its only my experience, but this seems to cause my plants much harm, not good.

There are some who do not agree. However, testing this makes more sense to me, so that you can see first hand, than believing what I type.

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scubastan(z8B-9A/20 Los Angeles)

I'm afraid it wont work, unless you can keep a small but constant stream of hydrogen peroxide flowing into your DWC.

The O2 in H2O2 quickly dissipates in the nutrient solution (NS)and once the O2 is used or leaves the NS you would need to add more H2O2 to replenish it.

From my research H2O2 isn't really used to increase O2 levels in NS, but rather as a way to kill off bacteria in the NS. Often people who are running DWC systems have a problem with the water tempature being to warm which lowers the dissolved oxygen levels and also increases the growth bad bacteria.

However there is a drawback to using H2O2 because it kills off both good and bad bacteria. If you are using a quality chemical fertilizer then this will be ok.. But if you are using any type of organic or organic/chemical fertilizer it will not be advisable.

I was curious as to why you would want to completely remove the airpump? If it is to remove the use of electricity look up "non-circulating hydroponics" or "passive hydroponics"

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Interesting and good to know.

I wanted to get rid of the air pump completely because I have enough wires running through the room already. The less wires I have to deal with, the better.

I guess I can put an air pump in there. I just wanted less hardware to manage. (I already have a constant-drip set up for different crop and I'm working in about a 12' x 4' space)

Thanks for the responses guys :)

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I have 17.5% H2O2 at home. I was wandering whether it will be better to order FloraKleen from General Hydroponics. I already have an air pump and I don't have a problem with it.

FloraKleen basically does the same job as H2O2 but I don't know if it will be better than H2O2. I'm thinking of buying and using this product instead of H2O2 for the possibility that it might be a higher quality cleaning agent (it will have less damage on good organisms).
What do you think?

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What is the agent that does the cleaning? If it is H2O2, then it will be no more effective than what you buy at the store; only pricier.
If they don't tell you, well. . .
. .
I don't personally like feeding my plants compounds of which I am unaware.

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