Sun Impatients

crazy4life(z7 NC)May 3, 2006


Has anyone tried the new Sun Impatients sold at the Home Depot store?They say you can plant them in full sun...I'm hoping it's true,got two stone flowerbeds I'd love to plant them in.


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I just planted an assortment of impatiens for the first time and did not note that it depends on the type of area you plant them in. The area is sunny....barely shade. What do I do....will it grow?

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crazy4life(z7 NC)

Hi errol,
If you just bought the regular type of Impatients they won't do well in full sun.....they wilt.I'm still trying to find someone who has tried these new SUNIMPATIENTS,they say on their site that they take full sun but I'm skeptical about that...would hate puting my time and money into them and have them die on me ):


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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I just boughts some of these today. We will see how they do. The leaves are darker and is more than likely a hybrid with another species like platypetala. They were selling them in full sun. They looked kinda sad but this is because they were cramed together and roughed up a bit. Other wise they looked ok. They also looked like they had some water damage on the flowers, watering by the base may help. But I am not going to be that kind to them.

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I have used the sun impatients for 4 years, since my backyard is all sun. They are fabulous and bloom into October.
When I first found out about them, I bought them at a nursery, the last two years I have bought them at Lowe's. I find the bright pink is the hardiest for me.

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