Is climbing hydrangea 'Skyland Giant' fragrant?

ben773(5a)April 20, 2010

Does anybody know if climbing hydrangea Skyland Giant fragrant? Thanks!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Hello, ben773. Some people register a light fragrance when they smell "the" climbing hydrangea blooms (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris) so it is possible that some people may detect scent on SG's blooms too.

If fragrance is important to you then try to smell one to confirm that you can detect the fragrance.


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Thanks for the advice Luis. It's disappointing that SG is scentless. I guess I'll try sniffing a few H. anomala ssp petiolaris and hopefully get a cutting of a good one.

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You could try a woodvamp (Decumaria barbara): It is a very similar plant with a much more noticeable fragrance. 'Skyland Giant' can't be beat for the quickness with which it blooms though- I guess it depends on which trait you prefer.

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Hello - I just today, discovered a singular cluster bud, just a wee bit larger than a silver dollar - I'm so excited ... she gave no blossoms last season due to a very stressful '09 Spring.

I planted her in the Fall of '07 gave me 6 saucer sized blossoms the very following Spring - perhaps a fluke - I was told not to expect for a few years. I don't remember any fragrance - if there was ... very faint!

Entered in my garden journal - "blossoms - disappointingly short lifespan" ... it's ok as finally, she is taking off quite eagerly, crawling N & S, to cover up an ugly retaining wall!!! I simply love her beautiful, tightly knitted, heart-shaped foliage!!! I'll check on the fragrance once the cluster flashes & report!


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blueeskimo(z4-5a PA)

I don't have 'Skyland Giant', but the regular Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris. When in full bloom, it smells awful (can not describe it). I wonder if the so called fragrant of 'Skyland Giant' smells the same. If so, scentless maybe a bless in disguise :-)

This is my Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris -

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I also have a Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris. I'm glad I was the only one who noticed that they smell horrible. Just horrible. It is beautiful, as I have it climbing up a garden arch, but the smell alone sometimes makes me want to rip it out.

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Are there any climbing hydrangeas that have a pleasant smell? How big do they get? Will they climb horizontally? I am considering planting one to take the place of some perennials along a short wall. I just don't like the look of these perennials anymore. Maybe it is this incredibly hot summer this yr. Spring was great but the summer flowers are terrible. Barely a bloom

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I actually quite like the fragrance of climbing hydrangeas- amazing how different noses can be!

@kathieo: since opinions on smell can clearly vary a good bit, it's' hard to say what you would like for sure, but I do think they all smell very *similar*, regardless of whether it's a pleasant fragrance or not- so I don't imagine any one would be a better or worse choice as far as that is concerned. Though as I mentioned above, Decumaria tends to be more fragrant overall. Concerning your other questions, they will climb horizontally, and very slowly- but their maximum size is quite large; I've seen climbers as much as 40 or 50 feet up a tree.

The trick with the climbers is that they seem to expend all of their energy on growing to fill the space they are given before they expend any on flowering, so it often takes serious patience to see them bloom. 'Skyland Giant' is the only exception, in that I've seen them regularly bloom in one gallon pots at the nursery- so it might be rewarding more quickly, if your nose finds it agreeable.

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I gyess climbing hydrangeas are like Bradford pear trees when it comes to smell. We have four Bradfords and when they bloom they look great but smell awful. Thanks for the info.

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