your opinion, did I plant this climbing hydrangea in wrong spot?

cateyanne(zone 5/6 Northern Ohio)April 6, 2013

About 5 years ago, a purchased a climbing hydrangea and planted it on the North/East side of our house. Our house is brick and I read that they love to climb stone or brick, I saw some fabulous pics on line of just that! My problem is it won't stick to the brick. It is approx. 7ft tall but the branches that are going up just end up collapsing and breaking. I didn't want to have to trellis it or attach it since it should grow to heights I couldn't possibly reach easily. My other Hydrangeas do very well on that side of the house, do I figured this would too. was I wrong? some of it's branches do want to grow away from the wall as well, but some grow up, just don't hold on.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Most people provide a trellis to train it until it starts doing it it well on its own. Does the brick surface get too hot somehow? Masonry screws might also work to help the tendrils attach.

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If the brick is clean, not covered with fungus, the climbing hydrangea will usually cling very well. I think your planting location is fine. Al

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cateyanne(zone 5/6 Northern Ohio)

The brick is very clean, no moss, fungus, or growths of any kind. The brick wall faces North/East so it gets early morning sun until about noon or 1:00 depending. Then it is in partial shade for the rest of the day until 5 or so, then full shade. So I don't think it gets very hot. I did attach a small trellis (6ft.) to get it started which it has wrapped around very well. But as soon as it reaches beyond the trellis, it can't hold on. Maybe a larger trellis? I really don't relish the idea of driving screws into the brick, and at what point would the hydrangea actually grab on for itself if it hasn't already?

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