Seramis Clay Granules

all_things_green(zone 7)February 18, 2008


I have been looking for a US supplier of Seramis Clay Granules, but have only been able to find it at there UK web site. Does anyone know of a US supplier of this product? And if not is there a similar product that I could use? Thanks for any advice.

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Kinda looks like Floor Dry but a different color. I was thinking of trying some floor dry as it is a clay absorbent but it's dusty and would have to be rinsed off through a screen to remove the dust and smaller particles. Don't see why it wouldn't work in hydroponics unless there's some sort of toxicity I'm not aware of. It's certainly cheap enough! Available at any auto parts supply.

Floor Dry

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Here's a couple pics of some floor dry on a 1/8" mesh screen and the same floor dry after wetting...

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all_things_green(zone 7)

Yes I was thanking of something like that as well. Or clay cat litter, but I to was also concerned about the toxicity, as some of the stuff is treated with chemical additives. I am wanting to make a soilless mix for my Nepenthes plants. The mix calls for lava gravel, Leca clay balls, and Seramis clay granules. I have the first two, but have been able to find Seramis. I am thanking of using something like fired akadama as a substitute though it is kind of expensive.
Thanks so much for the help.:)

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I just looked at a bag of floor dry at the hardware store. Says 100% natural. I suppose different manufacturers might treat with some chemicals for various absorbing characteristics. Plain ole floor dry though is nothing but clay granules.

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all_things_green(zone 7)

Sweet! I'll check it out. Thanks charlielittle for the heads up.:)

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You're welcome! After sifting/rinsing some quantity of floor dry, I find it about 50% gathered over a 1/8" screen. It drains very well and likely would do well over a 20 mesh window screen for even more gathering.

Transplanted this little tomato seedling into a cup of it and will treat it like ebb and flow for awhile and see how she grows...

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all_things_green(zone 7)

Cool! I hope it grows well for you! Please let us know how it develops. That aggregate looks like it contains other ingredients besides clay? I wonder what other minerals are present? Nepenthes are very sensitive to minerals, to much and the plants well perish. That is my only concern with using something like that. It would be nice to know what all they put in that stuff. Thanks again.

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Found out the proper name for the clay in floor dry is Fuller's Earth. Different sources of it worldwide. The floor dry at the hardware store says 100% Fuller's Earth. Has a picture of a flower pot on it for a potting soil amendment. I washed a 50 pound bag through a 1/8 inch screen and ended up with a five gallon bucket full. Cost of the 50 pounds was $6.47. I don't know the cost of most other medias so don't know how to compare it.

Might be best to stick with known sources.

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all_things_green(zone 7)

Thanks charlielittle for the info. That would probably be safe enough to use. But I believe I have came up with a mix that will work well for my needs. It consist of 1 part of each of Lecastone 8-16mm expanded clay, black lava gravel, laterite (used as a growing medium in fresh water aquariums), and Aerolite. I have everything but the laterite, and that should arrive sometime this week. I came up with this mix by researching into what other Nepenthes growers have used in there mixes, and used ingredients that showed to give the best results by themselves or in a mix. I am in the process of soaking, and rinsing the ingredients that I have in pure rain, and distilled water to wash away any salts or minerals (if there are any present). Thanks again for your advice. :)

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I am a representative from Seramis and am curious if you'd like to receive Samples of our product. If so, please send me a meassage and I could arrange for to receive them in turn for filling out a short survey on your thoughts of the product!


Here is a link that might be useful: SERAMIS

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