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mikee77February 18, 2013

1) So Im going to be using General Hydroponics Flora series. Ive read about PPM/TDS, etc and bought a meter with good reviews. But I'm looking for a general guideline to start with. I saw someone else mention they use 1 tsp of nutrient solution per gallon of water. Is that a good starting place? I can put that much in, and then test to see if the TDS/PPM is about where it should be and go from there?

2) Also, I see a lot of people asking things like, "what should PPM be for tomatoes?" but I have a hard time believing that answer is the same across nutrient solutions... or is it? The instructions I have from GH are very very generic. How do I know what my target PPM/TDS is for a given plant?

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Mike, the directions on the bottle are a good starting point with the flora series.
Tomatoes are heavy feeders so they can take a broad range of ppm's. I grow mine typically around 800 ppm. For peppers, I normally grow them closer to 600. for leafy plants 400 to 600 is a good starting range. The reason the levels are always the same regardless of fertilzer is because the major nutrients make up the bulk of EC measurements and all the manufactureres have round about the same levels of those nutrients.
Also, be aware the different manufacturers calibrate ppm meters different ways. If your meter can output EC instead of ppm use that numbers. EC is what is actually measured. Then the meter will convert it to ppm based on a scaling factor (which is different for different manufacturers.)

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I am appreciating for the reply given by âÂÂgrizzmanâÂÂ. It's really informative. But can you prefer to give tips for indoor cultivation for growing tomatoes.

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Grizz stated that 800 ppm for mature tomatoes is what he uses.

The bottle has directions for what ratio to use at the different stages of life. If you want to get simple just use the same amount of grow/bloom/micro throughout the life cycle. I've had pretty good results with both peppers and tomatoes with the same ratio.

For instance, use 2 mL Micro : 2 mL Grow : 2 mL Bloom per gallon. Of course adjust the amounts for the stage of growth.

Seedlings need very little, like 0.2 EC

Early Vegetative growth --> flowering, go for ~0.8-1 EC

But adjust to the plants needs, they will let you know if you're doing it right : )

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