sad little impatients

swcurry(z7 TX)May 24, 2004

I set out 5 flats of impatients, they are the common kind that come in every color, not sure the botanical name. They are not getting that massive full look that I see other places, now it seems that the flower production is declining alot. Everything I have read seems to recommend no fertilizing. What do ya'll use if anything? (I water once a day, in the morning)


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You can give them a single application of fertilizer (such as 15-30-15 or 20-20-20) if you want them to fill out more. However, use it 1/2 strength. This way you can fertilize them monthly for best result.

I prefer to fertilize our impatiens. We have done trials with no fertilizer and they flowered poorly.

Also in your zone, they should have a fair amount of shade.

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swcurry(z7 TX)


Thanks so much for the reply, I just came in from applying a balanced fertilizer. Hoping to see lots of blooms soon.

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