Over fertilizing impatiens - I think

melroseMay 4, 2010

I have started some impatiens and the leaves appear very curled and stunted - especially on the white ones. The plants look green and strong but very curled. In researching the forum I think I'm overfertilizing because I'm using it full strength every watering. I will now stop fertilizing now - will the plants recover? how long will it take to see results?

P.S. I examined the leaves closely and do not see any sign of insects such as aphids.

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trailer_gal(z4 ND)

Hello melrose
How tall are your impatiens? Are they at the tiny stage?
Are they a darker green than normal? What type of impatiens are they? Could you post a picture of them?
Hope you can figure out the problem.

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The impatiens are white blitz and they are about 3" tall. I parts with the deformed curly small leaves probably are a little darker green. I wouldn't be able to take a picture until tomorrow night because they are in an outside greenhouse and it's dark now.

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Do you have flowers? I was over fertilizing my impatiens at first and while the leaves and stalks grew like crazy (and a little curly), the flower buds would fall off and not bloom. I rinsed them with water and saw improvement within 2 days. I think the key is rinsing away the fertilizer.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Never use full strength fertilizer on anything every time you water. Hello! Read the directions. Impatiens don't need much fertilizer anyway. A 1/4 strength monthly is all mine get with a light foliar misting in between.

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