no medium nft, can bottom of stem touch steam?

plzhelp123February 23, 2014

i am designing an nft system with a pbc pipe with holes drilled in the top of it. the stream will trickle down the bottom of the pbc and the plants will be in the holes, their roots taking nutrients from the stream
i plan to use no medium, just stems in holes
the problem arises about how to keep the plants upright with their roots dangling in the stream
i could clamp them but i don't want to clamp them so hard that i strangle them
this problem would be easier to solve if it was ok to allow the bottom of the stems to rest on the floor of the pbc pipe in the stream, this way the floor will take alot of the weight from the plant and i can use weaker clamps
would this be bad for the plant? for the bottom of the stems to be in the stream?

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omg ive been saying pbc pipe all my life and its pvc... so embarrassing

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In my nft systems, I normally use small 2" net pots with hydroton to stabilize the plants. Other than that, the hydroton is of no consequence. I would suggest something similar.

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I agree with grizzman with hydroton or even lava rock, which I use successfully as a mixture 50/50. it is a little heavier however holds the nutrients well, and possibly give the plants a little more stability.
Using the Kratky analogy as long as the root tips touch the nutrients the roots will follow the moisture and give good results, giving the whole stem and roots a bath will drown the poor plant. Use the KISS principle and you will find success.

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