Dumb husband "tried to help"

DumbGardener22April 23, 2014

I made an attempt to clean up our garden after the long winter here in MN. My wife had a purple hydrangea (around 5 years old) growing in the garden. Well, I didn't realize that that was a plant that shouldn't be trimmed and cut it to the ground. She's mad and I feel awful, but I'm wondering, will it grow back or should I go out, buy a new one and replant it?

Please help! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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You desperately need to practice a hang-dog look and to buy at least one dozen long stem red roses. Cheesecake with whipped cream and fresh blueberries would be a good backup.

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It should grow back but more than likely will not bloom this year. Buy another one as a bit of insurance and a make up gift.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

With the winter we had, there is a good chance those flower buds were toast anyway. And if you had the abrupt cold last fall we did, without a chance for the plants to slowly go into winter, that is a double whammy. You have an out...kinda.


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First of all, I applaud you for helping out in the garden! With that said, I think a replacement bush is in order since I don't believe it'll set blooms for this season. Hydrangeas bloom on previous year's wood. (She'll understand that you really care and are thoughtful with this gesture:-)

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A blooming 'purple' hydrangea in MN is likely an Endless Summer.

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Replacement!! :):)...maybe two.

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I agree with pearlgirl.

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Sometime ago before my Larry got the zero radius mower,
he'd get toooooooo close to my rose bushes and whenever
a limb got ripped off...he'd quitely stick in back as if it was
going to live. It really was funny, however, too serious not to
have a chat with him. The threat was always a replacement. At least you had good intentions.

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