Impatiens light requirements

gerris2May 9, 2007

Hi everyone,

I apologize if the answers have been provided elsewhere but I could not find the information for all of the Impatiens species I recently purchased. Would someone take a neophyte under their wing and share their information about the requirements for light exposure, soil moisture and other soil requirements for these wonderful species?

Impatiens niamniamensis

Impatiens hians

Impatiens irvingii

Impatiens grandis

I grew I. balfourii last year, and it appears I have volunteers coming up from seeds I was not able to collect in time. I love it, I will relocate the seedlings so they are all together rather than scattered hither and yon.

I am sure that afternoon sun would kill most of these species. Is morning sun best? Will they grow well in a container? If so what size would be best? I read that I. grandis can get to 5 feet tall. My spider sense tells me that is brugmansia-size container. Thank you for helping me to understand this group.


Wilmington, Delaware, USA

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Looks like you have a nice collection going. All these balsams are tender to frost. Impatiens niamniamensis grows well in a pot and in the wild will sometimes be found growing on trees. Give it a well drained mix and let it dry a little between waterings but dont let it go limp. Impatiens hians is a winter bloomer like grandis and both do well in pots.... actually they all do, if feed well enough. I have my grandis in a very large pot and it is happy (though I need to transplant it)and I have my hians in a hanging basket and doing rather well. Impatiens irvingii is very much like walleriana in looks but with narrow fuzzy leaves. You could try this one in the ground and do cuttings each year. It has been seen growing in shallow water in the wild. All would like morning sun and in a nice cool spot in the heat of the day. I personally havent tried any of my plants in the ground but I am really itching to do it, its just that my planting areas are over run with ivy and thorn bushes.

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