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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)May 23, 2008

There's a very well-written and beautifully illustrated article about Impatiens in the current issue of Horticulture magazine, written by some guy named "Derick Pitman". Anybody know who this dude is? ;o)

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I have no idea who the guy is but he does have a picture of himself in the contributers section. He looks like a freak but I hear he is a nice guy. Saintly even.

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He once sent me seed for zombensis - truly a saint.

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A saint and a genius! He once identified a rare impatiens I have. Sure wish he would remind me which one it is since I lost the sheet of paper where I wrote it down.... hint

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)


I think you are going to have to remind him again with some more detail. I'm sure he would be able to remember again.

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I thought it was I. irvingii but you said it was from the Himalayas and not from Africa and that the collector (R.N. whom I do not know personally, she is a friend of a friend) had sent one to you also. Mine is blooming fine this year though I have failed to get it into the ground. In the flower bed where it grew last summer there are what appear to be seedlings (just a few). It did produce fruit last year but I never got around to collecting seed. This also happens to be the flowerbed where I scattered some I. namchabarwensis seeds I bought. They didn't sprout last spring so this years seedlings could be either type of impatiens. I am not a scientist and unlike the name of these plants I have LOTS of patience. I've been known to wait up to three years for seeds to sprout. I'm not in a hurry.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I "cough" he remembers now. It is Impatiens latiflora collected by Rekha Morris. It is a very beautiful Impatiens one of Mr. Impatiens favorites.

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