Hallson Gardens is Christmas in May...

don_in_coloradoMay 1, 2014

...Or any other month you get product from them.

Frosted Jade
Brother Stefan
Blue Dolphin
and El Nino was the complimentary hosta sent by Chris.

Good stuff, kids! : )

What are YOU expecting from Hallson Gardens, or anywhere else you like to buy hostas?

Don B.

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sandysoil_2008(6 MA)

My "Christmas" box from Hallson's arrived today!

2 plantaginea
Sweet Innocence
Fragrant Queen
Touch of Class
Autumn Frost
and bonus High Society


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jadie88(7 MD)

How exciting! Can't wait for pics.

I told my husband I needed motivation to meet a big thesis deadline this weekend, so he proposed that I treat myself to a $100 Hallson's order if I finish on time. I married a good man, folks.

...of course the flaw in that plan is that now I just want to tinker with my wish list instead of working on my thesis. sigh...

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No thesis, no hostas, Jadie.
No thesis, no hostas, Jadie.

Wait, that's not as positive as I CAN be...

Thesis on time, 100 bucks on hostas!!
Thesis on time, 100 bucks on hostas!!

Although I DO understand to urge to tinker...

Cram For Hostas! That's totally worth it!! (Since you really have to anyway, right?)
Don B.

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jadie88(7 MD)

Hahaha! Great new mantra, there Don!

Seriously...you have no idea how much it helps to think of "the hosta spree at the end of the tunnel."

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My Christmas came from Green Mountain today and I can't believe I have them all potted up already.

American Sweetheart
Little Sunspot
Love Pat
Secret Love
So Sweet
Sun Power
Sunlight Child
Sunshine Glory
Sweet Innocence
Yesterdays Memories

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You guys got some really good ones...I see that some of your 'sun-themed' hostas got there, Jerry.

Don B.

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Yes Don, I got a start on the "sun" and have a lot more to go. I'll chip away at more as space and funds allow.

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I have never ordered from Hallson's but always hear good things about them. I wanted to comment on the fact that you ordered a 'Frosted Jade' Don. I don' t hear this Hosta mentioned much but I think it is a very good one. I have had it for years and I like the contrast of the big dark leaves and white edge.

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bernd ny zone5

Don, Congratulations!
h.'Frosted Jade' is what I also will get once the ground thaws out at Land of the Giants. FJ will replace one of my 'Francees'. 'Brother Stefan' is a really good choice, I have one and love it, should get Hosta of the Year.
'Blue Dolphin' looks good too on pictures, any large Blue is great!
My Christmas will really take off once I see all of my hostas leaf out!

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Oh I am so glad more folks have their new hosta to play with. It means more of you will be down off the porch, out of that rocking chair, no longer huddled beside the fire with a hosta finder 2014 edition on the lap.

More smiling faces. Dirty fingernails. Things are looking UP around here!

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I received my January prepaid order from Hallson Gardens in mid April. It was a birthday present to myself. Autumn Frost and El Nino are unfurling already. As many of us know, they send terrific plants with well developed root systems.

My order:

El Nino
High Society
Wily Willy
Mayflower Moon
Autumn Frost
Mighty Mouse
Ripple Effect
Justine (bonus)

Here is today's pic of El Nino.

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sunnywood 5aChazyNY

I have a big order coming from New Hampshire Hostas in early JUNE. I need time to build some new garden space.
All that jazz
Blazing saddles
Blue mammoth
Cutting edge
Dawns early light
Days end
Fat cat
Frosted jade
Ice age trail
Mango salsa
Megan's angel
A many SPLENDORED thing free
Dancing queen free
Continental divide
Blue cadet
Hudson Bay
Humpback whale
Ice follies
Jewel of the NILE
June spirit
Linda sue
MACK the knife
Rhino hide
Sharp dressed man
So sweet
Tears of joy
Leading lady
Tiny bubbles

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bragu_DSM 5

thesis too shall pass ...

get him to watch the rug rats for a night too, and treat yourself to ... more time on your wish list ...


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Babka NorCal 9b

I received two orders Hallson's in April. One ordered back January pre-paid, and then more when some oldies bit the dust this year and freed up some space. Much better than Christmas!

Deja Blu
Candy Dish
Flamenco Mouse
Half and Half
Field Rat (bonus)

2nd shipment:
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
Pineapple Punch
Sweet Innocence
L. Paisley Print
Diamonds are Forever
Regal Supreme
Clifford's Stingray
Island Breeze (bonus)


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jadie88(7 MD)

Ha! Bragu, I want "Thesis too shall pass" on a paperweight. Brilliant! And the rugrats are all his in the evenings...I like the way you think. :)

Sunnywood, what I wouldn't give to see that delivery! How exciting!

Babka, I'd love to see 'Regal Supreme' when it leafs out. Mine is a slip of a thing, so I need to see some future potential. :)

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I have ordered twice from Hallson's, three times from Green Mountain and 2 from New Hampshire and just once from Glenbrook. My Green Mountain arrived today. All three of them. I got just over half done when it started to rain. I do have to say GM out did them selves this year. Prices are right and the sizes were huge.


Dancing Queen
Key Lime Pie
Queen of the Seas
Half and Half
Lakeside Paisley Print
Mayflower Moon
Sunny Disposition
Elvis Lives

Green Mountain 1

Blue Diamond
Chi-Town Classic
Lakeside Hoola Hoop
Lakeside Coal Miner
Lakeside Zinger
Love Pat
Lucy Vitols
Winfield Blue
Rootin Tootin
Dragon Tails
Hi Ho Silver
Undulata Medio Picta

Green Mountain 2

Zippity Doo Da
Valentine Lace
Red October
Red Hot Poker
Red Hot Flash
First Mate
Crested Surf
Ice Prancer
High Tide
The Razors Edge

Green Mountain 3

Bogie and Bacall
Chantilly Lace
Cherry Berry
Chesapeake Bay
Crested Surf
Earth Angel
Golden Scepter
Restless Sea
Sea Fire
Sunlight Child

New Hampshire

Candy Dish
Designer Genes
Flemish Sky
Fluted Fountain
Julie Morss
Little Miss Sunshine
Paradise Island
Squash Casserole
Rubies and Ruffles
Summer Lovin
Ulysses S. Grant
Yellow Boa
Rocket's Red Glare
Restless Sea
A Many-splendored Thing

Glenbrook Farms

Mango Tango
Ice Follies
Kiwi Black Magic
Lakeside Surf Rider
Lakeside Meter Maid
Lakeside Rhapsody

New Hampshire 2

Christmas Pageant
Rich Uncle
Blue Boy
Princess Anastasia
Lunar Orbit
Fruit Punch
Autumn Frost

Hallson's 2

Dancing Queen
Marilyn Monroe
Sky Dancer

I have no room. I knew this last year. Just needed a few more for this years alphabet. Got to be ready. Way better than Christmas and the Forth of July combined. Paula

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Babka NorCal 9b

I love to grow- You have a bigger problem than I do. ((Eyes rolling) Mores stadium seating? Well when they are small they don't take much room and then when they mature you get to pick which ones to keep. So many new ones come out each year. Tough decisions.


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Those are some long lists of new hosta! I've ordered from Hallson and Naylor Creek, and am more than satisfied with the hosta. But there is something about spending a day driving around visiting local vendors, actually looking and feeling, and deciding what I want. The heart beats faster, breathing deeper, smile on my face what is that feeling?? Oh yeah, hostaholic addiction!

I want to see pics of all these new hosta!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Wow, I have just been royally intimidated!!! I think I'll post my little lists as one list halfway through the summer! ( a big LOL )

Paula, I believe you just started a brand new alphabet with your new list! Wow! "Just a few more". I love your definition of "few" - that word is hosta-speak without a doubt!

All these orders contain such intriguing names of hostas that I'll be quite busy looking them up. It sure is easy to get caught up in all your excitement. Thanks!


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Jo - Few = less than 100.

Babka I will be going for more stadium seating. I have started to raise everything and I loving it. I have brought in so much concrete block that one of the neighbors asked what my son and I were doing in the back yard. Building a bunker said my son. Later in the day the neighbor asked how we were handling the water as our water table is about 0.

hostahosta last count I have picked up 24 from local dealers LOL. I like to keep the local economy going. I like the thrill of the hunt too. Have a great day all. Paula

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Paula, way to go, girl! I see now why they cannot answer phone calls or ship for another two weeks, at some places anyway. I don't see Plant Delights on your supply list, they have some great hosta too. I have a second order in with them for just 2 hosta. Not that you'd notice, but I'm becoming more selective these days.....now that I see how BIG/HUGE/AWESOME some of these hosta are getting in a mere 3 growing seasons, with this 3d season only just begun.

Love to see it. I knew you were quiet for a long time. Now POW, out you come with a flourish! EVERYBODY enjoy

Here is a link that might be useful: We've Only Just Begun...so many to choose

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Aw Don, The Carpenters - so apropos! The content was withdrawn by owner but the song is in my head. :-)

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Ummm, Jo, I do not see a Don post with the Carpenters, but mine was not withdrawn by owner...it plays if you click the link. Perhaps you have to enable something to visit YouTube?
Try it again. Karen is performing it.

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We've only just beguuuun...

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jadie88(7 MD)

Yeah, welcome to the game, Don! Who do we have there?

Ilovetogrow, consider me blown away! When can we see some 2014 photos of your already fab and still growing collection?

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That is a 'Remember Me'.

Don B.

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From naylor creek

Broad band
Moon dance
Princess amalie

From land of the giants

Bridal falls
Dark shadows
Dancing queen

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I'm still waiting on my small orders of Blue Jay and heuchie Sweet Tart from Inthecountry and of Cameo and heuchie Ginger Snap from Casita Azul. Wah! I want my plants!

There is no forecast of any frost for the next 2 weeks here in Queens, so I went ahead and did some tension-relieving buying annuals and planting them Friday before the Sabbath (yay, it starts much later now with going back to regular time!). I planted a beautiful coleus with burgundy, yellow and green with a bright yellow tuberous begonia (4/$10 annuals sale at Home Depot!) and a light purple calibrachoa in the blizzard white pot that is the background for the wire Garden Cat. I planted the remaining coleus plants along the border of the Neighbor's Plot, alternating with mixed pink/purple/yellow petunias and mixed pastel alyssum. I put in a couple 6-packs of fuschia, yellow, and lavender mini snapdragons in my main garden. Finally, I planted the sedum Angelina in the pockets of my big glazed strawberry pot and a nice purple-flowering Delosperma cooperii in the top of it. It's an experiment. I never put succulents in my strawberry pot before. Are they perennial?

I saw today that the Darned Squirrels dug out 2 of my mini-snaps, they were laying out on the ground! Due to the restrictions of the Sabbath, I could not instantly replant them. I will do so on Sunday. We are supposed to get some overnight showers which will hopefully sustain the mini-snaps until I can replant them. And I PUT red pepper flakes, which nearly blinded ME, all around that garden when I planted stuff Friday. Argh!

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