WANTED: It's time for the swap!

LeslieL(z5a IA)March 10, 2004

It's time for the spring swap in Morse! We've decided on Saturday, June 5th at 11 am at the Morse General Store. Email me for directions and any other details you might need! I'm looking forward to seeing all the old familar faces and hopefully some new ones too!


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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

Leslie, do you think anyone has noticed this post? It took me until today to see it.

We had a good time last year, and will probably attend again. It's too soon to know what I'll bring, though.

Glad you're having it again.


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stan_ia_z4(z4 ia)

Plan to come. Couple things I have had some luck with this year are Job's Tears and a couple different Hibiscus. However, no luck with Cobea or Standing Cypress or Indian Paint Brush. Also need some Black eyed susan. Stan

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

im coming have variety of cannas, sev. peonies like sorbet and others, rainbow cherry tomatoe [diff colors one vine] should be real ready by then.passion vine strts hardy in zone 5. pond plants,lilacs,herbs,maybe some snail vines cant wait,Dessa

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jamlover(z4 Iowa)

Where's Morse?? Doesn't ring any bell. I'm near Dubuque.

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

It's just north of Iowa City by about 5 miles. It's not really a town...In the typical sense anyway. We just like to think of ourselves as an unicorporated bunch of nuts living in a little valley out here! : ) No, really, we're nice folks. You should come check out the swap. It's a lot of fun.

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Pam_K(4b/5a IA)

Hi all!

Me and Kerri are planning to come.

Not sure what all I'm bringing yet. Probably some white campanula persicifolia, artemisia 'oriental limelight', red tulips, pink tulips, some ginger mint, primrose 'wanda', campanula takesimana 'elizabeth', virginia bluebells (mertensia virginica), sedum 'dragon's blood', and perhaps some corydalist lutea, corydalis solida, and named hostas.

I'd love to have some oriental poppies, blue siberian squill bulbs, jacob's ladder, and more....


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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

im not sure who it was last yr brought the reflecting things called angels in the garden but i love IT!! if you are coming id love to trade for another, the dancing light in my garden is awsome.

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

That was me! Thanks, glad you like it. :)

I have two more already made, and can whip up some more in a short time. As I've worked through the process several times, I find that they are getting a bit longer in the tail. I also use different toppers and sails, depending on how I feel.

Anyone else interested?

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

Well, I'm going over to our rental house this weekend and digging, digging, digging. I have a HUGE perennial bed over there that has been languishing and is getting awfully weedy. It's time to dig it out and rescue what I can. It should provide loads to swap, I hope I can remember what everything was! It's full of iris, roses,peonies, salvia, veronicas, columbines, hostas, and who knows what else. I would like to fill it back up with lilacs and other blooming shrubs. Forsythia, and dogwoods would do well. Maybe some hydrangeas? I would love to swap for those things if anyone is interested in my vague description of what I have right now. I'm hoping that I will be able to identify my things better once I get my hands in the dirt over there! Because we all know that the bloom color of an iris is easily distinguished by it's foiliage!!!! ; )

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Baumer(z5 Ia)

Been looking at my flower books. Had some of my plants for years But have no names to a few. But not all sure hat I'll bring but will ther with bells on. Connie-Lee

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

I have a white lilac and could probably find another sprout or two. Leslie?

Anyone interested in golden moneywort? It's a yellow ground cover that reminds me of creeping charlie, except beautiful-er. Grape hyacinths come up right through it.

I can also bring hosta - plantaginea is big (3'), green all over, and has large white sweet smelling flowers in August.

I'm looking for things that do well in shade or partial shade, and can mostly take care of themselves, meaning no fall digging and storing chores.

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

Oh Oh Oh wait! and

I will have a few angel trumpet plants. They are not winter hardy, but the blooms and the scent are wonderful. Take cuttings in the fall if you don't have space to overwinter a five foot tree. They are easy to grow and exotic.

Here is a link that might be useful: What the flowers look like (mine are yellow)

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

Hi Mary. I would love a start of your white lilac. I'm sure I have some shade growers that would interest you. Let me think on it.

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stan_ia_z4(z4 ia)

Mary, I have a few purple/white angel trumpet plants. Would like to trade for one of your yellows. Stan

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twin_too(5 IA)

Hi everyone,

It's me Pam (Pam_K)! My work e-mail was blocking ALL gardenweb e-mails, so I ended up having to get a new user name with my hotmail account. Isn't that the price we pay for blocking that nasty spam! Although, my work e-mail address still works if I've ever sent you an e-mail.

Does anyone want any red bee balm? My neighbor has some expanding through his flower bed and I have permission to thin it out for him. I also have some orange mums that I could dig if anyone is interested.

I also dug up some nice pots of pastel purple asters. I just love these in the fall!!

I would love a white lilac and some golden moneywort. I know I have shade items. Are you interested in different types of hostas? I also have lily of the valley, wild columbine, missouri primrose, primrose "wanda", sweet woodruff, corydalis solida, painters palette, ferns

I have a few special items; one trade of a mini hosta named "Tiny Tears", one trade of heuchera "Snow Angel", one trade of corydalis flexuosa "Blue Angle" and possibly one trade of brunnera macrophylla "Hadspen Cream" or "Jack Frost". In trade I'd love named hostas, other special shade plants, or something cool or different.


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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

PROPOSED: Some people brought pictures of their gardens last year. I enjoyed seeing those, and suggest that if you have some photos, bring them along for Show & Tell.

I will.

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

i would love some angel trumpet, ill have lots hosta varieties, honeysuckle &hops vines I have some pond plants if any ones lookin, some diff, var. of clematis sev diff colors. diff mints,peonies.rainbow cherry tomatoe starts have diff color cherry tomatoes one vine,have sensation lilac which has white ege around purple,and lav lilac.I am just now new owner of primrose yellow lilac!!ill hav lots varieties.of things im sure even some tropicals...for those who need something diff.im really into vines this year and roses..

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mkeilers(z4 IA)

Help! I just bought 6.6 acres of grass and dirt - I would love to get starts on anything (OR SEEDS!) but will only be able to share just a bit as I am trying to make my gardens. My dream would be to make it into the Garden Walk one day. May I beg for some starts or seeds? I have started to beg around my neighborhood (I know no shame :) and am making plaques with the names along with where I received the start and the person who gave it to me.

Anyway, please send me the instructions to get there (I wanted to come last year but work just got in the way!) and I will try to get as much as I can possibly get - anyone want some rock garden type plants? One little shoot turns into a big plants within one season! Please bring pictures of your gardens including structures!

Can't wait to meet you all!

Mindy Eilers (mkeilers@ yahoo.com)

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Baumer(z5 Ia)

Can anyone put a nape to this plant I want to bring. Very pretty soft fern has long pink and white blooms. Bring echinops,donjuan climbing rose,iris,asian lilys.creeping sedum,sedum have lot of autumn,and rooted cuting of the other,african sword lily,cupand saucer vine ( better get them planted) Gardening books ,toad flax,ostrich fern,daylilys,and loosestrife. Found out how to contain it-bury the pot and black eyesusans. And I'll take some pictures.

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

Yea! So far we are up to twelve people attending! That's great. There are a few more folks out there that are unsure. The swap keeps growing bit by bit each year, and we always have such a fabulous time, so if you are out there lurking and being shy, DON'T BE! We'd love to meet you! Join us!

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Hello! We are planning on coming.Will be bringing some iris & daylilies. Have some variegated hosta sitting here in pots.Maybe some rudbeckia,decendants of Indian Summer.Can bring tall dark leaf
canna. Cup & saucer vine,Thunbergia vine,double blue morning glory,misc. annuals I will never get all planted! Doris AKAIris

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

we're up to 13 people!!!!!

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IowaSundrop(z5 IA)

Hi folks-
I recently moved to Iowa City, where I inherited a lovely garden. This is my first year doing any gardening, so I may have misidentified some plants! I could bring:
Unamed Hostas of all color varieties
Lamium, both white and pink flowers. Looks like white nancy and red nancy, but I'm unsure
Wild geranium, white, pale pink and lavender flowers
Iris, violet flower
Chrysanthemum, unsure of color (will be red, orange or yellow). The bushy kind with small numerous flowers
Russian sage, lavender flower on stalks, seems a bit invasive but is beautiful and has a nice herby scent
Coreopsis, all-gold flower
Lavender (I think)
Shasta daisy
Small shade ferns (might be lady fern)
Nice yellowy-green viney ground cover for shade, doesnÂt seem invasive
Wild columbine
Many daylilies, unknown colors

Red cockscomb
Bells of Ireland
Orange cosmo
Foxglove, mixed colors
Climbing nasturtium, mixed colors

If any of these plants shouldnÂt be divided at this time of year, please let me know!

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dhaven(z5 IA)

AAARGHHH! I just found GardenWeb, and now I discover that I missed a wonderful plant swap just 3 minutes down the road from my place??? How frustrating! Sign me up for next year--this sounds like a terrific idea. I can bring tons of hostas (about 400 varieties), ground ivy, native viburnum, silver maples, walnut trees, daylilies, iris, siberian iris, and Missouri Primrose. Kudos to you for organizing this--Laurie

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