Another set of shriveled impatiens

scooppc11May 4, 2007

Someone else posted for advice on her shriveled impatiens, so I thought I would post my question.

I'm in a partially shady area -- it gets full sunlight maybe 4 hours a day. The rest of the day it's spotty sun and shade. I've gotten into the habit of watering all of my plants every day. Some plants are doing good, some okay. The impatiens are looking the worst. On top of that, I have hard water. I also bought the flowers at Agway. I just bought the plants on Wednesday. Should I wait a little longer and see if they will grow?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Its really hard to tell what is going on with out seeing them in person but here are some guesses. I know temps have been cold lately and Impatiens will start dieing. Cold and wet is also bad. You also said you just bought them and they get about 4 hours of direct sun. This may be a little too much for them if it is afternoon sun. They can take some sun but once they are a little more established. I would hold off on some of the watering right now if your temps are still cool and let them settle in. Keep them moist but not wet once it begins to get warmer they can be watered more.

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Actually, it's morning sun, from about 9 a.m. to 12ish, then it starts to get spotty. If I took pictures, you wouldn't be able to see the plants they are that badly shriveled.

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I don't know where you live, but here in NJ, I am holding off planting all my flowers until after Mother's Day. The temperature's are slowly getting warmer, but the evenings are cool. Plus, there has been a lot of rain. I'm sure it is safe now to plant, but I want to make sure. I usually have my deck and patio all done with flowers by May 1st. This is the first year that I am waiting.

BTW, I have hard water and it doesn't do anything to my plants. Perhaps you're watering too often, especially if the temperature is not hot yet.

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When I went to the nursery today, I asked the girl there if they had any impatiens in. She said they didn't, and told me it was too early and to wait until Memorial Day. So, I did buy a 6-pack from a nursery down the street, but I'm going to wait to plant those until Memorial Day.

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I have been shopping around for flowers, and Home Depot and Lowe's had impatiens. I'm going to do flower shopping, I think right before the weekend, since it's Mother's Day.

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I think I may have over watered one of my impaitens plants. It's very droopy, and the soil is moist, any suggestions on bringing it back to life?

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I lived in South Dakota for 50 years. Then moved to Kansas for 4 years, and now live in Cancun. I have always grown the New Guinea Impatiens, in South Dakota even in full sun, although they took a lot of water. They grew to be huge shrubs, even with our short growing season, so I do know how to garden a bit.

I was so excited when I moved to Cancun in the Hotel Zone to grow these. They are beautiful plants in the nursery. I have now killed 3, even during the winter. I have tried full shade and 4 hours a day sun. I have even tried indoors since I thought it may be the salt air. The plants do not grow, and the leaves start turning brown and drying up almost immediately. I have not transplanted the last 2. They have good drainage. The last one I did not fertilize at all.

Any suggestions? This is my favorite flowering plant and I want to grow it.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I can only guess but it could be the heat. Imps do not like heat. I grow many different species and when it get hot I loose some, I keep back ups in San Francisco, I get temps up to 105f most will stop growing but the air is dry. In Flordia they grow Imps turning the winter because they cant take the hot humidity. I would imagine it is the same for you there. I would try total shade and lots of water.

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