HAVE: Seeds and Plants to trade; need stuff for shade

Catt Foy(Zone 5 Iowa)April 5, 2005

I am looking for plants that thrive in zone 5, in the shade, including but not limited to: Goatsbeard, dutchman's breeches, ferns, colorful hostas, Asiatic lilies, hardy bulbs, jack-in-the-pulpit, Solomon's seal, bloodroot, bamboo, azaleas/rhodendrons, dogwood. Also looking for Cuban oregano (variegated), unusual succulents, or unusual (but not delicate) houseplants to add to my houseplant collection. Seeds or plants or cuttings - I like to think I can grow anything I set my mind to....

I have massive amounts of seeds, some plants, and lots of houseplants to trade. (See my list).

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