Spacing for impatiens

dazed77(6)May 27, 2005

I was wondering if the foliage fans out? What would be the ideal spacing for propagated impatiens stems?

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About 10-12" on center, e.g. between the center of one plant and the next plant.

Do not crowd impatiens .. they will grow and expand.

If you have not already done so, pinch the growing point of your impatiens cuttings.

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Thanks for the reply..I have spaced it that much. Well I did put them into the ground some time back so I guess its too late to pinch them. They have already settled into the ground. Thanks again

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Hi again, I guess I didn't understand wat you meant by pinching. I saw another post on another forum and they were talking about 'pinching' of young plants to have them produce more lateral branches. By pinching, do you use a clipper a snip off the entire top part of the plant i.e. below the point where the top leaves bifurcate? I have 4 propagated impatiens and they are getting tall and thin. 2 of them have buds at the top. Can I snip it off anyway? Buds and all? I have taken photos of all 4 impatiens. Can you please take a quick peek and tell me what you think? They are labelled impatiens1, impatiens 2 etc upto 4.

Here is a link that might be useful: yahoo photos

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Pinching is just taking the first few leaves at the very tip of the plant. What you are talking would be considered a cutting which you could do as well. The cutting can be rerooted and start another plant.

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