tomatoes with visual leaf damage

chuck(Z10,SW FL)February 7, 2013

I want to share some pictures and get some feedback.

I have been spraying with a weak soap solution.

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Investigate thrips. My outside plants got that really bad this year and I remember it being suggested it due to thrips. Never did find out for sure. I still got some tomatoes off the plant, but those plants sure were ugly.
Please post back if you figure it out.

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Thanks "chuck" for sharing the image. I couldn't figure out it. But still eager to know what is it. Thanks.

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To avoid âÂÂthripsâÂÂ, clean up the entire crop at the end of the season thoroughly. When removing plants, do not leave them within or near the greenhouse or the green space; as the surviving thrips may re-enter in your yield. Wash the greenhouse structure or grow space with a strong detergent with some hot water.

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Get some NEEM oil!

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Yes, you can also prefer âÂÂneem oilâÂÂ. ItâÂÂs organic and safe. My friend uses it on peppers and his summer & winter squash. You can also use insecticidal soap, which is non toxic. More people advise for using dish soap; but itâÂÂs not preferable. The soap you use should be real soap, with fatty acids in it.

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