Please help me solve this mystery (dropping buds and blooms)

joannembMay 31, 2011

I have several double impatiens in planters on my front porch. Partially covered, gets sun from 8-12. I had new guineas there last year and they did fine.

Blooms are dropping prematurely (see pic 1) and buds are browning (see pic 2.) A couple of leaves have turned yellow (see pic 3.) We have had a ton of rain, and they do get wet... but I've been watering since the soil ends up just being slightly damp. Do double impatiens like to dry out before being watered? Maybe I'm over watering?

Maybe too much sun?

They are clearly under some stress...they're growing but not a ton and have been planted for 3 weeks.

I noticed when I picked up some dropped flowers from the dirt below that a poweder dusted up into the air when I picked them up. Could they have a fungus from all the rain? My hydrangeas (in pots on the same porch) had that purple/red spot fungus last week. I sprayed them with some sulphur and it did the trick.

I sprayed the impatiens tonight with sulphur....thinking it may be a fungus, but now I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

Pic 1


Pic 2


Pic 3


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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

The double imps are finicky. They will readily drop their blossoms/buds/leaves at the slight bit of a change in environment. It DOES sound like they are too wet. Let them dry out as much as possible before you water them.

I just looked at your pictures - they don't look THAT bad! Try and let them dry out a bit before watering.

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I am interested in knowing what became of your impatiens. Your description and the photo of the yellow leaf are very suspect for downy mildew. The "powder" you saw was most likely the spores of this fungus-like organism. Typically on the underside of the leaf, a white downy-like growth will form. Infected leaves turn yellow and drop. Under cool, wet conditions the plants can completely defoliate leaving bare, leafless stems. Where are you geographically located?

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