Wilting Impatiens

tacotac(5a)May 22, 2012

I have a couple potted impatiens, the general kind & new guinea, in pots. The soil is moist & they are outside on the northwest side of my apartment. The leaves are wilted, they have been for awhile now. Yesterday they were wilted, but by evening they perked up. I don't get it, they aren't in the sun, they are well watered, it's been in the 60's-80's, but mostly the lower 70s, why are they wilting? Only thing I can think of is that I gave everything miracle gro & seaweed/fish emulsion mix last week, but none of my other plants are affected. My hanging basket are impatiens & I have a variegated double flowered impatien, & they are just fine. Any clues?

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If they wilt in the day and perk up at night it has to be that they are getting too much sun. On the northwest side if there are no obstructions they would most likely get sun from noon or shortly after until nightfall. That would be too much sun.

I'd say monitor them and see just how much sun they do get. If it is too much sun maybe you could either move them or rig something so they are getting more shade

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