Something eating buds off plants

Bessboro(Z4 NY)May 30, 2004

I have something nipping the buds off my impatens. Thought maybe a chipmunk but no takers in a hav a hart trap. Anyone got any ideas what could be doing this and also will new buds develop on the plants? Thanks

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janandalan(Z7-NC Piedmont)

Don't know who the culprit may be, but you will certainly have new buds. Impatiens continue to produce buds throughout the growing season.

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Bessboro(Z4 NY)

I finally figured out the culpert--- it is a rabbit I caught him in the act. I've started using a repellant and miracle grow and hopefully things are starting to turn around as I am seeing new buds forming. I also had to cut some of the old stems back as they were so badly damaged.

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