impatiens 'wild thing'

neonposey(z7 NC)May 18, 2004

has anyone ever grown these? they are a wonderful color but i've never been able to find them at a nursery or any of the box stores. i bought 2 packs of seeds this year but none ever germinated. anyone out there have any luck with these? and if so, is the color as wonderful as in the picture?

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janandalan(Z7-NC Piedmont)

I grew 'Wild Thing' Impatiens four years ago from seed when I was living in Dayton, Ohio. They are every bit as pretty as the pictures! I haven't been able to find the seed since then and can't remember who I originally ordered it from. The impatiens I grew for this year were started inside under grow lights with a heating pad for bottom warmth until they sprouted. That should work for you too, although this late, direct sowing might be better. Where did you get your seeds?

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neonposey(z7 NC)

Thanks for responding jan. Burpee has the seeds. i posted the link. i'm in the piedmont area too in a small town north of Winston-Salem. Where abouts are you????

i think i may take the potting mix with the seed and spread it thinly outside and see if anything happens. im so disappointed. i wanted a whole bed jammed full of these lovely impatiens! i think the color is awesome!

Here is a link that might be useful: wild thing

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janandalan(Z7-NC Piedmont)

Thanks for the info. I live in Greensboro now, but my job takes me all over the Winston Salem area into Walkertown, Tobaccoville, even Dobson on occasion. Which small town are you in? I hope your "wild things" do well, they are truly the prettiest impatiens I have ever seen. I'll get on Burpee's Web page later and order a few packs for next year. Post PICS when they're blooming please.

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neonposey(z7 NC)

well if you've been to tobaccoville and dobson, you've definately been up my way. i live in king. i work in high point so we've probably passed each other numerous times coming and going on 40, 311 and 52! high point is all abuzz now with Fantasia mania! its pretty cute.

if i can get these darn impatiens to germinate and grow i'll be sure to post a picture, otherwise i'll try again next year and just keep trying until i get some of them. i do think they're gorgeous! keep in touch... maybe we can get together for a swap or something sometime, and thanks for all of your help.

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FYI - "Wild Thing" from Burpee is a rename (Burpee buys the seed and calls it something other than it's original name). It is commonly sold under the "real" name of Super Elfin Sunrise. It is bred by Pan American Seed, Burpee is a sister company of PAS, so they allow the rename. Am attaching a link to their site. Click on the name "Sunrise", and a photo will pop up at the top of the page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pan American

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neonposey(z7 NC)

thanks for the info, goblugal. unfortunately none of my seeds germinated. oh well, theres always next year. im glad to have another seed source!

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capnmgn_NC(Z7 NC)

This is my first year planting "Wild Thing," and I did get most of them to germinate by sowing indoors first, then transplanting them. They are just now beginning to bloom, and their color is very distinctive. Unfortunately, they are competing with volunteers from last year's crop, and I don't know how aggressively they'll spread out.

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neonposey(z7 NC)

capnmgn.. please let me know how they do and if you like them enough to grow them again. maybe you could post a little picture.... hmmmm????? :)

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Maryanne531(z7 NJ)

Now I know why I couldn't find Sunrise this year. I planted seeds of Wild Thing and have two plants, and two cuttings recently stuck. Along with my double pinks I'll have to overwinter these indoors.

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Do these have a seed pod that pops when you touch them? I have wild inpatients that are yellow and orange. I am looking for the pastel colors. Anyone know where to get those?

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I started 18 cells of this variety from seed under lights with bottom heat three weeks ago, and as of today, two seeds show signs of germination, so I'm assuming the others will follow close behind. This particular variety seems to be very finicky about conditions for germination -- all eighteen cells of another variety (the double "White Parade") planted at the same time as Wild Thing are all fully germinated. Next season if I decide to use this variety again, I'll start them nine weeks ahead of last frost instead of six, they seem to need a little more time.

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Now in Southern Oregon. GW will not make change in zone.
Oh well.
Do any of you have Wild Thing seeds. I would love some no matter how few,

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