Namchabarwensis self sewing? Please help!

patchyjack(10a)June 6, 2014

I've got some Namchabarwensis seeds coming in the mail and I'm really excited to have the plant in my collection.

I've heard conflicting things about this species regarding germination, though.

Some people seem to have Namchabarwensis self sewing, while others can't get the seeds to germinate at all.
I've done some research and I'm wondering if the temperature *prior* to germination could be to blame?
Everybody seems to agree that the germination temperature is around 20 C / 70 F, but a couple of people also recommend putting the seeds in the fridge for a couple of weeks *before* trying to germinate them.

For those of you who have any experience with these seeds, good OR bad, what temperatures were they exposed to before planting?
What's the climate like where you grew the plants?
I'd be really interested to know.

Thanks so much for your help!

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

This is a choice and very rare Impatiens from Tibet. Congratulations on getting the seed. It will probably germinate without pre-chilling as it is found in deep valleys not at high altitude, but just to be on the safe side why not divide your catch and put some of the seed on damp kitchen paper in the fridge for a few weeks first?.
Although the color is unusual it is not a spectacular plant. It might be improved by pinching when it is still young, but you are a bit late to be starting it, as it is annual. Good luck - Ian

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Thanks for the info!
I was thinking of chilling some seeds and not others, and since you suggested it as well, that's what I'll do.
Actually, I'm early rather than late. I live in Australia. Though everything I've read says this plant should be perennial in a mild climate like mine, so I think it'd be worth the trouble regardless. I know it's kind of leggy, but I find that refreshing compared to all the super bushy hybrids.

Thanks again!
- Sparkey

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