Impatiens: Do I hate them or do they hate me?

Heather__Michigan(Z5)June 19, 2005

I always avoid the impatiens at the garden center because they always look half dead (leaves and flowers) My good friend replied..."Yea, but they look beautiful from a distance ! )

I broke down and bought a impatient basket for my boyfriend today because his whole front yard is in shade. I would love them if they stay healthy!! Any suggestions for healthy blooms?


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summergirl(Houston/zone 9)

You could pinch them back to promote a more bushy growth with more flowers. I found with mine to just let them be..I think sometimes people water them too much when they appear to be wilted. Mine wilt in the heat of the day and then perk up nicely as evening rolls around. I water when evening comes and they are still wilted....

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Jen26(USDA zone 6/MO)

I think impatiens are much more difficult to grow in containers. Plant them in the ground, in well-drained, shady, compost-enriched soil and they will be beautiful and huge for you!

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We plant impatiens every year in the same spot in built in flower boxes. Every year the plants do very well and get nice and full and healthy. But it seems like every year about mid august you will see a plant or two start to wilt or die. Then within a few weeks or so it spreads thur the whole area and all the plants are wilted up and sick looking. We usually pull up the plants before summer ends because they look so bad. Any ideas whats going on

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