Would like Limelight, but...

rgustafs(VA - Zone 7)April 8, 2012

I REALLY want to put a Limelight in a bed I created two years ago on the NW corner of my townhouse. The bed gets afternoon sun starting at about 1:30 or 2 pm. Is that enough sun for Limelight?

Also, the bed is smaller so once the hydrangea is more mature, I'd need to keep it more narrow -- like at about 4.5-5' around. It can get as tall as it likes, as I really want it to cover the eyesore that is the white downspout on my red bricks (thanks, condo association!) Will my hacking at the width be too much for it? I thought about Little Lime, but I really want the height...

I am also thinking of adding Limelights in full sun in an area that is currently covered with a ground cover of English Ivy. I am thinking I will carve out a bed, amend it slightly, and put a few in to create some privacy and drama as you come around the corner and into the garden in the SW corner of my condo.

Thoughts are much appreciated. I really want to stick with white/chartreuse-y flowers. I am a long-time annuals gardener, but I am branching out slowly. I am sure I will have a million more Qs as the weather continues to warm.



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rgustafs(VA - Zone 7)

Oh yeah. I am in Virginia, as I am sure that will make a difference in your answers.

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I am a big fan of limelights (kind of an obsession) so I can tell you they can handle severe pruning, just not to the ground (I've read this). My only concern with the limited sun is that it may not grow as quickly into the height you are looking for - but I bet it will eventually with selective pruning. I've read the flowers stay green longer with less sun.
It will do great in full sun and is not the water hog that other hydrangeas are. I love this plant and have it all over my yard. I am sure you will too.

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Consider Little Lime, a smaller version of Limelight.

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So will Limelight really thrive in full afternoon sun. How much shade will it actually tolerate? Thanks!

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Limelights thrive in full sun - at least 6 hours per day. They can take some shade but I have read that with dense shade you will be disappointed by the lack of blooms. I would say no more than dappled afternoon shade.

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