Buds not opening

dazed77(6)June 8, 2005

The impatiens that I transplanted over a month ago are not blooming. They develop buds and then after awhile fall off! They never open. I water twice a day and they are planted in a spot where they receive alot morning sun but are in the shade for the rest of the day. I also fertilized once so far with 15-30-15 fertilizer. Also they don't seem to be growing at all, although they don't look like they are dying either. I also pinched back no growth at all. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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I'm having a similar problem. The plants look healthy and produce dozens of buds but they never develop into full blossoms. Look almost like they have an outer layer that prevents full blossom. I checked at the nursery with no luck, tonight I cut off all the buds and examined them under a magnifying glass. The outer layer of petals has turned a tan color and I can peel off several layers before I get to the colored bud. I don't see any insects or signs of fungus, however there is about 1/4" of the stem directly below the bud which looks like it has been "cut" in a spiral. Ring a bell with anyone?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I would guess your plants may still be settling in but if they are doubles, they are very well known for dropping buds. I have two plants of doubles only one gets a flower every so ofter. I have them growing in full sun till about 2 or 3 oclock in four inch pots. They are not real happy campers but they are alive. My species on the other hand are doing nicely but than again I love them more.

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I guess you're right Mrimpatiens!. Look at what I saw this morning!

Can you tell me what kind of impatiens it is? This is the same one that was dropping buds.

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dsb22(z7 VA)

I purchased double impatiens from two different nurseries this spring. Plants from the first nursery have produced loads of huge blooms. Plants from the second nursery have only produced loads of buds. They've been treated identically--transplanted at the same time, given the same fertilizers, watered at the same time, situated in the same location. It's very strange.

I initially had all the impatiens indoors in containers in front of an mostly open window. I transplanted them to an eastern-facing garden a couple of weeks ago when they seemed to be getting crowded and all had stopped producing many buds. I fertilized twice after transplanting with a bud-booster fertilizer. Now the first nursery plants are back to flowering and the second nursery plants are again covered with non-blooming buds. I don't think I've seen any flowers on the second nursery plants. The buds stay on for a long long time--when they were indoors, they would die before they would drop.

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dsb22(z7 VA)

Fwiw--I paid a dollar more per plant for the double impatiens that are flowering. When I found the double impatiens at the second nursery, I regretted buying at the first place. But the first nursery is a very high quality and well-regarded here--maybe they just sold higher quality plants?

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carealot(z5 Ohio)

I think you may be giving them to much water, water only once a day, just befor it gets dark and drown them when you do, unless they are already wet, then just give a little. And by all means leave them along for a while, give them a chance to be by there selfs. In about two weeks they will be huge. only give mirical grow once every week. Carrie

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Hi, Sorry to ask again, but I think I am getting the names of my impatiens mixed up.. I have a few varieties. But I am not sure of this one (the photo I posted above) Can someone help me place a name on it? Thanks

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

This in the regular double walleriana kind basic bedding plant. They can be kinda fickle sometimes. They might be happier in a shadier spot in the garden. I only have two and they get a lot of sun and the pots they are in are too small. I have lots of buds but hardly any flowers open up. If I loved them more they would be blooming nicely but these are my ugly childern I hide in the attic. I favor species types more than doubles. (I really dont have any childern this is just my weird humor)

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You see, I have the same problem with my Double Imp. She has some buds that are falliing off and some that are openning up but fall off before they are even with color! Should I repot her?

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For those who have them indoors.... They don't do well indoors. Have tried them in greenhouses, windows, all directions [north, east, etc.]... They're a no go indoors. My advice is to move them outdoors.

For those who have then in the sun.... Move them into the shade or where they get no more than 2hrs. of eastern sun. Any other sun exposure is not recommended -- especially during summer months.

For those who are experiencing the edges of the buds drying out... Water them in the evening or after the sun no longer gets them. Water at soil level [don't get the buds and flowers all wet]. In most cases this is the result of not getting enough water or of the buds getting wet under unnatural conditions [i.e. water from source other than rain] and then getting hit with sun or heat.

For those using ferts.... They don't like ferts. for the most part. They also don't need them in most situations. If leaves show some yellowing, then add one Miracle Grow or Jobes food stick per plant. They don't like liquid ferts. at all.

Other notes.... Moving the plants will sometimes cause buds to fall off. Allowing the plants to get too dry will cause buds to fall off. Removing wilting and/or dead flowers is highly beneficial to the plant.

Hope that helps everyone =]

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