Do you have the Volcano Phlox?

sanfanJanuary 3, 2005

I'm getting real anixious to start my plant ordering. I have ordered seed from a few. My big want for 2005 is the Volcano Phlox. Our local paper did an article on it last year and I new I had to have it. Has anyone added this phlox to their collection? I'd sure like to know if it's everything they say it is.

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Sanfan, Nope, but is sounds real interesting. Here is some more information on it from the breeder...

IA Z5a

Here is a link that might be useful: Volcano Pholx

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Tickertoo, I too would love to have some Volcano Phlox but had never heard of it when I sent my seed orders. I wonder if you can buy it at Lowes, etc. The pictures and description look wonderful.

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Jeannie, beats me if you can get it at Lowes... But I would think a good nursery would probably have it..

IA Z5a

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Monrovia is the company that wholesales them. Here in Waterloo I'll be able to get them at Earl Mays and Jordan's greenhouse. In Sumner there is a place called Maifeld Landscaping, they carry them too.
I haven't found any catalogs that carry them. Their patent is still pending. Here's the Monrovia web address. You can find a dealer in your area.

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