New to hydrangeas, added aluminum sulfate to bed... Now what?

amy1717(TX 9)April 22, 2013

Despite being a bit intimidated by the chemistry involved in caring for these plants, I succumbed and bought a lovely Endless Summer last week, and am really wanting to give it a good home. I've spent hours reading hydrangea forums & websites since then, and got the general idea that to keep the blooms blue, I needed to have an acidic soil, which can be amended with aluminum sulfate. I bought a soil testing kit, found out that the bed where I want to put it is around 7.0 - 7.5 on the scale. So I added 1 cup of a/s (per the pkg instructions) to the soil, and mixed it in. (The bed is about 2' x 6'.)

What I can't find anywhere in any of these forums and sites is what to do next! Do I need to wait a while before planting to avoid burning the roots? If so, how long? I've been watering the bed (which also holds some elephant ears) regularly. Please let me know when I can transplant my new baby! BTW, it already has several tiny blooms on it, so I really don't want to shock it & and make them drop off or something. Any help will be much appreciated :)

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Your container mix is probably on the acid side and your plant should not notice any shock when transplanted. If your garden soil is naturally alkaline it will over time revert, so follow your directions to keep your soil acid. Al

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amy1717(TX 9)

Thanks for the feedback, calistoga! That was what I was hoping to hear -- didn't want to have to keep it in the pot for too long, though it seems pretty happy there. I'm just excited to get it situated and see it settle in.

Will get it planted in later this week. It's supposed to drop to 39 degrees tonight, so I'll bring it inside -- we've been having weirdly fluctuating spring weather in central TX this year. Anyway, thanks a bunch!

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