Is it dead?

thenightingale(6)April 12, 2009

Last year I picked up an Endless Summer hydrangea for just $5 at Lowe's. After planting, it did get a little sick, but I nursed it back to health (and also beat off the deer) and it was quite a pretty little foot-tall plant and even bloomed for us before winter hit!

I carefully made a little wire cage wrapped with burlap for it and covered it for winter. It was a really brutal winter and the cage did blow off a few times (several times to the end of the street). Additionally, it looks like the *censored* deer attacked it during these times as well.

Right now, though many other things are greening away in the yard, the hydrangea is just a strange, sad little dead-looking mass of sticks. Is it...dead? *cries* Thanks...

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Some of my ES are still in full dormant mode...just the sticks and buds..and I am in Jesery - zone can test a few sticks and see if they are totally dried and dead...if you can bend the sticks or see some green in them, the plant is alive and well, just slowly waking up from the winter sleep...based on my experience, my ES don't sprout new leaves till end of April when the temps here get consistently above 55 and nitetime temps dip to 35 or lower only on occasions...

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