First time planting Impatiens

tomlisaashley1June 1, 2006

Hi everyone,

This is my first time planting flowers of any kind. My husband and I planted about 50 of them in our yard last night along with three hanging baskets full. Now, my questions are - how do I take care of them? How often should I water them? Everywhere I read it just says to water regularly. Does that mean every day or once a week? Should I water the ones in the baskets more often? How much water too? A soaking or just a mist? Also, when should we add mulch? What about fertilizer? So many questions!!! Please help me!!! :)


Lisa in Ohio

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Lots of water, Impatiens can actually "live" in a glass of water. They don't like too much sun and you must water often. One of the few plants you really can't overwater. Pinch them back as they grow to make them fuller and keep them from getting long and leggy by end of summer, pinch and poke them to make new plants see message on subject below in this forum. They are one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain and propagate. Water is the key, they don't need much else, a bi-weekly addition of water soluable fertilizer doesn't hurt either.

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Lisa- you can add your mulch any time. You'll probably want to water the hanging baskets more often than those planted directly in the ground, as baskets/pots dry up more quickly. Up until mid-July I usually feed them half strength Miracle Gro, and then back completely off. As Pauline said- they do love water and probably the only danger is letting them dry out- hard to revive them if they've been left too long in a dry condition. During really hot weather I might water mine twice in one day. You picked a wonderful flower for your first try at growing them!

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Impatiens are absolutely GREAT plants, you will LOVE THEM! Follow the advice already given and learn how to take cuttings later on in the summer/early fall so you can grow them in a sunny window all winter too! Easy as can be to grow and so many different colors as well as DOUBLE flowered that look like small roses!

Welcome to the FUN!


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