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kittens(Zone 5)April 27, 2012

Is there a hydrangea that will work along a roadside that would be subjected to snow cleared from the roads in the winter? It would be in zone 5, full all-day sun. I'm looking for something in the 3 foot range that blooms a good part of the season. I was reading a "forever & ever together" tag and it's saying it blooms on new wood. How would that work if all the old wood was off in the winter? Would the new wood reach close to the 3 feet and bloom or would I have little short ones with not much bloom? The only other hydrangea I have are in protected locations and they green up & flower on the old stocks. I almost crossed these off my list just because they like to be watered so frequently but it's hard to pass up the non-stop color they can put out!

And while I'm here, I have a totally unrelated question. I bought a "New Red Hydrangea (macrophylla)" last fall that was on death's doorstep so haven't seen it bloom. I'm just curious if it's really going to be red or if it's actually going to be on the pink side.

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You may have to test the waters to see what grows well there. Hydrangeas prefer to get afternoon shade so your best best in these may be one of the most sun tolerant ones: an oakleaf or paniculata. A dwarf version may stay around 4' but may require some pruning to keep it in check if you have to have something that fits 3'. Check some like Pee Wee, Sikes Dwarf, Little Lime, etc. One concern... is salt buildup going to be a problem in that spot?

Hydrangeas lack red pigments so New Red Hydrangea will probably be a dark pink instead of a true red. Most hydrangea macrophyllas are not hardy to Zone 5 and will require winter protection to bloom. A rebloomer macrophylla (Forever & Ever Red Hydrangea macrophylla, say) may do better in Z5.

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Look at 'Bombshell' hydrangea. It can tolerate full sun.

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little lime would be my choice

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kittens(Zone 5)

Thank you for the quick responses. Yes, they salt the roads around here so there may be salt deposits. Do you think this is going to cause me an issue? I might have to look for something more suited for that location if so.

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