New Guinea Impatients Dying

jattiJune 7, 2009


I recently had to hanging baskets on my front porch that had plants in them. They are the moss type of baskets that allow for adequate drainage. I accidentally fertilized them with Mir-acid instead of Miracle-grow and the plants died. :-(

Now, a few weeks later, I have purchased New Guinea Impatiens and put those in the baskets on the shaded porch. After planting them I watered them with Miracle-Grow. Their is a vinca vine growing in the basket with them. It has been three days and the New Guineas are extremely wilted! They are really drooping. The soil is still moist but not soaked. The weather has been wonderful the past few days. Not too hot, not too cold, not humid, mix of sun and clouds and some rain. They do not get rain water on the porch nor direct sunlight. Ample light though on the porch as there are no huge trees in the yard.

What do I need to do to bring them to life? Should I add limestone to the soil in case it is too acidic? Should I put them in direct sunlight a few hours a day? Should I re-pot the whole plant in new soil? Will re-potting them shock them even more?



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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

My guess is that they are too dry. Their root have been growing in a pot and are still in that shape so they suck up all the water in that space. The moss basket dries out quickly and they should be watered more. I am guessing the vines may have been in longer and may not be showing the problem that the Impatiens have. Plus the vine is more woody and can take drying out more anyway.

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Did you loosen the roots before you planted it. When a plant has been in a pot for a while, the roots hit the bottom of the pot and it has nowhere to go. Then they go round and round The roots can't take up the moisture and nutrients it needs and they continue to go round and round even after it's planted in the soil.

Dig out your plant and loosen the roots.

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