Leggy impatiens in a strawberry pot

bergie42June 18, 2006

I have been looking for a second strawberry pot because I always plant the one I have with impatiens and thought I'd like to do another. I just found one, but the impatiens I bought are quite leggy. My question is...is it OK to bury a large part of the stem in the dirt in the pot so that just the flowers stick out or would it be better to plant as is and prune them back?

It would seem to me that those stems would rot if they were pulled into the pot and buried. And, if I prune them, there might be nothing left except stems! A dilemma! Anyone have an opinion?

By the way, the deer just got an entire whiskey barrel full of impatiens!!!! It's a bit too early to have that happen! Ah, the joys of living in the north woods!

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I have the same problem with my impatiens, bergie42! I want to trim them back, but if I do, I will be left with a huge pot of stems since all the flowers are at the top of the leggy plants.

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indylars(Indianapolis 5)

Pinch back! And give em a good shot of water soluble fertil;izer and they will rebound quickly!

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