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angel050802January 26, 2008

I live in a duplex so my front yard is only half my own. My neighbor with whom I share a house wall and property lines has 2 rude teenage boys who refuse to use their own yard and sidewalks. I wish that my intentions were 100% honorable, but they're not. I want them to stop trapsing across my yard and use their own sidewalks. So here's my question - would it be equally as rude of me to plant a row of bushes (maybe some with thorns on them) down the property line in the front of my house. I would make sure that they're on my side of the property so that they don't overly infringe on her yard. And if it wouldn't be rude then what kind of bushes do you recommend? I like flowering bushes like lilacs and magnolias but the burning bushes are kind of cool too. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I don't think it is rude at all, in fact that is definitely what I would do myself. I think it is more rude for people to not insist on their children or even guests to respect other people's lawns, etc.

As for some suggestions-I personally would go with some easy care roses or shrub roses, such as the knockouts or carefree. They grow more quickly and are in bloom for longer periods, sometimes all summer. The thorns would be a bonus!

Good luck!


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