Dianne42January 3, 2005

Over the years I have subscribed or bought different gardening magazines. Most of them aren't worth the price as far as new information or good pictures of other peoples gardens. I do like the Garden Gate magazine. Anyone else have a favorite they would recommend?

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I like 'Garden Gate,' too. It is full of practical design information which is hard to come by in most magazines. I just read an old issue last night that described a way to lay out garden beds using grids that takes a lot of the anxiety out of planning a large bed.

I subscribed to Canadian Gardening magazine. What I like about it is that it shows gardens developed by regular gardeners as well as professionals. It also has good articles on the science of gardening as well as the usual plant-focused articles. In addition, it lists gardening publications by British and Canadian experts that are both practical and affordable. Until recently, the magazine was relatively cheap because of the strong U.S. dollar.

Another favorite is 'ChicagoLand Gardening' which I buy off the rack when I can find it. The photographs of gardens in this magazine are excellent and the articles give plenty of detail about what plants are in each bed. Plus, the articles usually give a good description of the design process and rationale. I just hate magazines that show a picture and then give no clue about how to duplicate it.

IMHO, two magazines that are extremely weak in the gardening area are 'Better Homes and Gardens' and 'Midwest Living.' I am particularly dismayed by 'Midwest Living' because it is hard to find information about gardening in midwest conditions. Once in awhile it will have a useful article but they could do much better.

Hope these suggestions are helpful.


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jansblooms(z4 IA)

I vote for Garden Gate, too. Not only does it have good content, but it has all content, without ads. The one drawback is that about one-third of the plants in their plans usually won't survive in zone 4, where I garden.

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uicricket(z5 IA)

My sister gave me a subscription to Garden Gate for Christmas and I just got my first issue. I really like the magazine and the fact that there are no ads. I'm sure I will be renewing it in future years.

I like Birds & Blooms. Articles are short, practical advice from regular folks, and I like the combination of birding and gardening. I also like Backyard Living because they give detailed directions for projects. Not a lot of detailed information in the B&B articles, but both have no ads.

I'd much rather pay higher subscription prices for an all content publication than have to sift through a bunch of ads that I don't look at and waste paper.


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growlove(zone4 Ia.)

We have taken so many in our 45 years of gardening, but find Garden Gate just about tops in comparison to others. Fine Gardening is great but not worth the outrageous price. Even our local library can't afford to carry it. Jansblooms, I see you are located in Iowa zone 4. We are in the very Northwest corner, if you don't mind my asking, where are you located? Always good to find a gardening friend in our zone. Mary

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ginni77(z 5)

Garden Gate is one of my faves, I also love Birds & Blooms. I watch for BH&G's specialty mags too.


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soobee(zone 4 Iowa)

I've been gardening for nearly twenty years, and I'm a sucker for magazine subscriptions, so I've probably tried nearly all! The best of the best is Horticulture. I'd gotten so tired of "pretty pictures" and no text, or skimpy little articles for novices (and nothing else), that when I was solicited by Horticulture last year, it was a wonderful thing. :-) The articles are intelligent, well-written, witty and nearly always teach me something new,or take me father in a subject than I've delved before.

I can't resist Fine Gardening, either--but it is expensive, much "slicker" (has a snobbish tone; the "Vogue" of gardening... )and the articles aren't as fascinating.

My other fave is Organic Gardening by Rodale. They're the faithful friend, trustworthy and filled with common sense.

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I am a bit disappointed that nobody has mentioned GreenPrints Magazine (affectionately called, "The Weeder's Digest"). Whenever I give an old issue to someone, they absolutely fall in love with it. There are no "how-to" articles but rather little articles, poems and line drawings that capture the heart and soul of the gardening experience.


Here is a link that might be useful: Green Prints

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