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debra_c(Z5 CO)January 5, 2007

I am fairly new to the Des Moines area. There seem to be an inordinate number of deer living in residential areas here. We are renting now, but plan to buy a house in a semi-treed area, so we assume deer will be a problem in an unfenced yard. Since the deer absolutely DRAINED my bird feeders last night, I guess they are on my mind. What ideas have you found that work to deter deer? I am an avid gardener and bird feeder. I think the deer seem to like the same things I do.

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I live in West Des Moines, and my particular neighborhood doesn't have deer, but we do have ravenous rabbits.

About the birdfeeder, if you want to keep feeding the birds, I would go to Wild Birds Unlimited and ask for a feeder that the deer won't be able to raid. Most feeders are set up to be squirrel-repellent, but they might have something that would work for both squirrels and deer.

Unfortunately, unless you put up deer fence around your property, there is no such thing as a guaranteed deer deterrent. There are plants that they are less likely to bother, and there is a pretty effective repellent (Liquid Fence - if you use it religously). but fencing is the only way to keep deer out of your yard if you live in a deer-infested neighborhood. Some homeowners have luck with stringing up lengths of fishing line at chest height--the deer don't like bumping into it, and they can't see it very well.

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I live North of Ames next to the Squaw River Valley. We have numerous Deer. I've found that a Scarecrow sprinkler works fairly well (not perfect). The drawback is that a constant water supply is needed for it to operate. If you pay for water then it may be a drain on funds.

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I use Deer Fortress and have not had a problem with deer.


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