Penny Mac and Endless Summer- Blooming Beautifully!

blondegardener(8)April 27, 2011

I hate to brag but....the Penny Mac hydrangea and 2 Endless Summer hydrangeas I bought just 3 weeks ago are blooming so beautifully! I had to share. :)

3 Weeks Ago


Endless Summer

Penny Mac

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Wow! Nice plants and nice pictures, blondegardener! They do appear to be close to each other on the pictures though..... but I cannot tell for sure. A distance of about 3' or more should be ok for these big plants (6' or so). How did the camellia do? Did you get pictures of those blooms too?

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They are beatiful. I am going to cheat this spring and buy a few already up because we are having the second coldest and wettest spring on record. Last year was the record coldest so I had to do the same thing then . Its either that or wait until july for blooms. I want to look out the window and see some beatiful blooms like yours;)

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Thank you! Luis, they are about 2ft from each other base to base. I wanted them a bit closer than normal because we're only growing them to about 3.5-4ft high. I don't want to cover the window in the front but would rather have them come up a foot or so from the bottom so we can enjoy the view from inside. These are in full bloom now as I'm writing this and will share more pics soon! :)

As for the Camellia, I only have one pic of a bloom that fell off as we've had a very odd flip flopping of weather recently! This went in the ground right before the hydrangeas so I'm looking forward to seeing this grow as it gets cooler out. :) After seeing this, I can't wait!

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I know this is a super old thread but... I've been wondering... have you noticed much difference between the Endless summer and Penny Mac? Does one bloom darker / more vibrant than the other? Bigger blooms?

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