Ants are destroying my impatiens

teju12(7)June 17, 2013


I live in a wooded area - with lots of shade and rain. For the last several years, small red ants have been destroying my impatiens by eating the bottom of the stem and the roots (the healthy plants will wilt and the stems fall of where the stems touch the soil - that is where they get chewed off). I have tried Ortho ready mix Bug-B-Gon (Diazion mix) which destroyed the imaptiens in addition to reducing the ants - although the ants came back again) and Bug Get a Plus pellets (ants, slime, slugs) which is supposed to attract the insects and kill them - only for sure it attracted more ants and did not do anything else. I tried other insecticides also, but it affects the plants no matter how dilute I make them.

I put in so much effort in taking care of the impatiens and replant them on and on but it is a losing battle. Any suggestion or remedy will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm afraid the ants will destroy your plants quicker than any counter-measure will save them. In any war it's best to know when to make a tactical retreat. here it looks like the ants are winning. Take some cuttings off the plants that are still undamaged, then move out. Replant in an area that won't get attacked. It's very important in any area that is prone to ant infestation not to let them get the upper hand. This means constant vigilance and timely application of anti-ant chemicals. You will know next time. Good luck - Ian.

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