Dying impatients in a rail box

goyanks34June 21, 2006

Hi. I am new to this forum and I am an amateur! I planted impatients in 3 rail boxes and one box is thriving, in one box all of the flowers in the middle of the box "crumble" after several days and in the other box there is a smaller section that has a "dead" spot. In all of the other spots they are doing well, though some seem to be growin "flat" instead of up. I used soil I had from last year(left out over winter) mixed with new miracle grow moisture control and I lined the bottom with pebbles and some lava rocks when I ran out of pebbles (I was told this helps drainage) In my one big pot planter, the double impatients I planted also wilted and crumbled after a week (no rockes, last year's soil and the pot is very large). When I replanted more in the dead spots, they also died. I also use miracle grow flower bloom food in the water about once a week.

Any suggestions?



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Jennifer- when did you plant the first round of them, and when did you plant the replacements for the first dead ones? Also- what type of growing conditions insofar as sun/shade/amounts are they getting? I've had some "flat" growers myself this year, but they've finally started rallying to grow up instead of out.

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I planted the first round memorial day weekend. The flowers began to die in about a week, then I planted the next batch right away. now, those have died or are dying too. They get about 2 hours of direct sunlight a day and then they get some spotty sun through the trees. It's very strange because my one box is blooming beyond belief and the other 2 are terrible! I am going to replace the soil and add more plants tomorrow and see what happens. I'm going to take out the rocks too. I probably shouldn't have used the soil from last year. I'll let you know what happens.

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