H. Kiwi Full Monty - dimensions ?

gardenweed_z6aMay 13, 2014

Does anyone else grow this one? If yes, has yours grown a really lot WIDER than the tag said it would? I bought mine originally from O'Brien Hosta in Granby, CT along with nearly a dozen other carefully chosen cultivars. Other than KFM, the rest have met their growth potential and are splendid specimens.

KFM grew beautifully the first 4-5 years where it was planted beside my granite walkway. Then it started to grow wider... and wider... until the HUGE, dinner-plate sized leaves were blocking the walkway. A neighbor helped to dig it up & divide it and I gave some divisions to my daughter, planting the rest in other garden beds.

Just curious to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience with this one.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

This is just my third year with Kiwi Full Monty and it is just starting to open now so I have no idea how big it will get. I found my tag and it says 22" high by 48" wide. How big did your's get? I probably didn't give mine enough room based on the tag.


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Linda, I'm guestimating mine got 48" to 55" wide. I didn't expect it to exceed 36" when I planted it. I didn't get a tag with mine when I bought it but since I didn't get a tag with any of the others I bought from the same source that same day, I wasn't concerned.

The width never would have been an issue prior to my having the granite walkway set along the edge of the bed where I planted the hostas from O'Brien's. None of the others exceeded the dimensions for which I'd selected them.

I can't move the walkway (for obvious reasons) so the hosta is the problem.

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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)

I have this one but mine needs to be moved because it is too close to a maple and is not growing well. When I looked it up in the registration database, it says 20 inches wide x 20 inches tall. Hmmmm....

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I can hardly wait for KFM to open this year as it is the third year and there are 45 pips waiting to open. Too dark to take pictures tonight

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Hi, Gardenweed, I happen to have a division of a KFM and a picture of it between two other hosta of that family. Striptease itself and Gypsy Rose, which is a smaller hosta.

Gypsy Rose is a well behaved hosta, very neat and tidy, so you might check it out as a likely replacement. Here is the picture taken recently, with Kiwi Full Monty in the middle.

In the description of Gypsy Rose on MYHOSTAS.BE, one bit of info says they expect it to be 30 inches wide at maturity.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ok .. focus.. lol..

leaf size is genetic ... and predictable.. short of severe fertilizing ...

height is the same ...

clump width is not... it has to potential ... to cover your whole yard ... though usually it will fairy ring long before that and you will dig it up .. share some pieces.. and replant it.. and start over ...

over 20 years of my expereince .. its a mystery how they come up with width estimates.. and frankly... i asked someone who had millions of tags made up ... and he said.. THEY GUESS ... !!!!

i am like... so you put hosta ABC ... into Tc.. and out pop XYZ... and within a year.. you flood the market with it... WHO THE HECK GREW IT OUT FOR 10 YEARS TO FIND OUT HOW WIDE IT GETS ....

and he says... they guess.. well yippee freakin do ...

so the moral of the story is.. it will get as wide as it gets before it doenst get any wider ...


ps: they do guess with knowledge though... if they take some old standard... lets say elegans .. that has been around for 300 years... we kinda know its potential .... and if they get something with a white center.. lets call it GE ... [and setting aside the whole elegans heritage thingee] ... then if they were guessing a size for GE.. it would be.. at best.. elegans potential ... minus lack of vigor for the white center ... so they have 400 hundred thousand tags made .. and there you sit thinking.. blimey.. these wizards know what they are talking about.. yeah.. good luck with that ...

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Almosthooked- I can't wait for mine to open either. It's also the 3rd year for my KFM but it only has 17 eyes. Not too bad since it started with only a couple when I got it.


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Gesila(MI Z5)

WOW, you must have picked the perfect spot for it!


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