spots of flowers, too much sun?

cqphung(4)June 22, 2006

Why are my flowers looking like this? too much sun and not enough shade? Not all of them have spots. I have them on the side of the house that gets shade for most of the day but they get sun around 3-4PM. Is the sun too strong at that time for them? I would appreciate any advice on this. This is my first year planting impatians. Thanks!

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I'm growing some impatiens in full sun without any spots, and our temps hit 90 degrees today, so I can't say if it's the direct sun in the late afternoon or not in your zone. However, the darker colors (both reds and burgundy) I have can sometimes get these water spots (as if they've been hit with bleach) if I water them while the sun is beating down on them. Has anything been applied near them lately- fertilizer/insecticide/fungicide/weed killer overspray?

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nope, no fertilizers or anything. it happens to the lighter colored flowers too. Not all the flowers are affected by this "bleaching" effect either.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

The damage looks to be water related this happens with me as well. I think once they grow up a bit they should do better.

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