Impatiens not doing well

kandcoJune 6, 2006

I bought 2 impatiens for my patio because they are suppose to do well in shade or partial shade. They are in the shade morning through the hottest period of the afternoon and then receive sunlight from 2 or 3 pm to around 6 pm. At first they looked great, but the one impatiens flower's wilt and dry up during the short time in the sun. As time goes on, both Impatiens blooms are becoming less frequent and the flowers are very small. I have no idea if it is getting too much water, too much sun, not enough sun, etc. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Just curious, what growing zone are you in, how old are the plants, what have your temps/humidity been like, are you using any fertilizer?

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I am in the southern section of zone 6...almost zone 7. The temperature was in the 90's last week and the 70's through 80's this week. The lowest it gets at night is the 50's. It has been humid. They are younger plants about 6 to 7 inches tall. They are planted in terra cotta pots with drainage. I am using Miracle Grow Moisture control soil that contains fertilizer.

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Okay, my best guess are a couple of things (my temps went high last week too with high humidity): They could just be growing through an adjustment phase for the warmer temps and humidity, but trust me when I say that eventually once they settle in they LOVE this weather as long as they're getting plenty of water and not allowed to wilt during the hot sun of the day. Secondly based on the age of them, I'd say they may be putting more energy right now into growing a root system instead of flowers (the MG in the soil is helping them do that,) but again- they will really kick in with the blooms once they've adjusted. I notice this happens a lot when I bring home impatiens that are blooming in pony paks and then suddenly get stingy with flowers. And it usually takes a month for them to get back to business. Give 'em a little time and don't worry too much and let us know how they fair.

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HELP! I have 2 absolutely gorgous Salmon Double Impatiens, and have had them for 4 weeks. I have watered them faithfully daily and fertilized them weekly. All of a sudden the last few days, half of the basket has begun to droop, and wilt. I've watered them, turned the basket and nothing seems to work. They look really bad today. I live in Michigan, and the plants hang under a covered porch. I need help before it's too late! We haven't had any significant changes in the weather...I am at a loss.

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