Seeds starting to germinate

dazed77(6)June 16, 2005

Hi, I tried the kitchen towel method for germinating my impatiens peach fizz hybrid seeds...I placed them on a moistened kitchen towel on a saucer covered with a plastic lid and it was placed in a sunny window. Well its been about 2 weeks now and the seeds have started to show signs of germination. One has split and the rest are swollen. Wondering what to do with them now? How long should I wait before putting them into soil? Also what kind of soil, climate conditions and planting depth would be ideal for these newly germinating seeds?

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

You could use some regular potting mix and place them on top of the soil and lightly sprinkle some soil on the ones that have sprouted. Keep the humidity up with a plastic baggy.

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Hi MrImpatiens, Thanks again :-) Actually 2 days ago, I placed the one seed that had sprouted in a small peat pot with regular potting soil and placed that peat pot in a small plastic cup filled shallowly with water (for bottom watering) I also expose it to atleast 4-5 hours of strong fluorescent light per day(provided by my study lamp) Would this do or should I go ahead and tranfer to a ziplock bag for humidity? Thanks.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

If you see wilt then cover it with the baggy other wise it sounds good. Once you get them planted and growing you will never have to worry again.

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