Early Impressions...Candy Dish

bchosta 8b west coast canadaMay 14, 2014

This one was a late arrival last September. It seems to have plenty of character so far. I like the deeper green colour, the sheen and the distinctive ruffled edges to the leaves. That said, the leaves do appear to be somewhat thin and flimsy as yet. Not sure that they would stand up to a full force downpour! Hopefully, as it matures it will acquire more substance.

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How long have you had your plant? In the second photo, the leaves are all in great shape, they are formed nicely, I'd say you aven't had it very long at all.

I got mine from Bob Solberg in early 2012..
Here it is soon after arrival.

Here it is April 26, 2014 where it is getting more sun so far.
It will turn a dark green and very shiny almost oily in texture.

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bchosta 8b west coast canada

It was two small divisions when it arrived late last year - currently 4. Yours appears to have filled in nicely, so I guess you'll have no complaints regarding the growth rate. How do you find the substance of the leaves?
Regardless, I like the look. The oily description sounds great too! Just wondering if it will hold up to the elements.
It somewhat reminds me of Invincible - a plant I already have and admire, although the edges have more movement. I've also ordered Irish Luck and Cranberry Wine - I guess there's a pattern here!

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Here's a pic from last year (3rd yr). Growth has been good - went from 2 eyes ('11) to 5 eyes ('12) and obviously more last year.

Irish Luck looks to be a strong grower as well.


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BC, if you like that slick melted patent leather look of a shiny dark green, then there is another one for you.

Check out Lederhosen. I also got Get Nekkid this year, and it is about as shiny as they get.

I don't have Cranberry Wine, but it sounds delicious, will take a look at it later today. Making a note of it.

For a comparison, I'll put my old photo of Candy Dish beside Irish Luck. While Irish Luck is shown as fragrant, I don't think Candy Dish is on Don Rawson's Fragrant Flowered list, so it is not an Invincible hosta.

Other slick shiny dark green leaves are on a list too. Check them out.

Lederhosen (the REAL one) which I got in 2010



There is one more shiny oily leaf but I don't remember it right now. However, here is Get Nekkid, just arrived this year.

The hot sun got to it before it hardened off, and I removed the masking tape too soon. It is doing fine though. Not heavy substance, however, but better than thin.

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bchosta 8b west coast canada

That's a fine looking plant that's obviously very happy in its garden bed! I'll be containing mine - so it'll be interesting to see how it develops as it matures.
Yes, I'm a sucker for certain looks - my taste isn't all encompassing. The one's that attract my eye keep doing so in different permutations. That said, I'm limited by garden size and my own desire to keep the pots down to a manageable number. Consequently, like some others who post, I've reached my limit and new additions result in others being passed on to friends, or tossed down the ravine at the back. Usually these are divisions that have been taken from original plants, or plants that have failed to thrive in pots in my woodland environment.
Thanks anyhow for sharing your pics... if I had unlimited space I'm sure that I'd be tempted to investigate further!

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