Determining pricing for farmers markets?

DragonflyRhinoFebruary 11, 2014

I am considering getting a booth at our local farmers market but I have no idea how to price things. Is there an online calculator than anyone has used that would help me figure what the cost is - for example for 1 tomato or 1 strawberry plant? The parts I don't understand is how to figure in overhead and how to break down if you buy a 25 lb bag of organic potting soil and 5 lbs vermiculite how to figure out what it cost for that one tiny little 1/2 cup of soil it is sitting in. Help!!!!!!

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

If you are growing plants from seed in small containers, the cost of materials is just pennies. Your bigger costs could be capital costs if you are putting up any new structures to do this, energy costs for heating and lights; and pesticides can be very expensive. More important is what people will pay and what other vendors are charging. I think it is easier to put a fair price on the plant and see what happens. If you are always selling out, then it is time to raise prices.

At our local farmers' markets I see a huge difference in quality, and this can be just as important as price if not more so. If your plants are spindly or pale, you won't sell very many even if the price is low. Don't try to sell a 2" sprout in a 4" pot. The plants need to look like they are vigorous and should fill out the pot, both tops and roots.

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Don't forget to figure in the cost of the booth itself. and how much you will actually have to sell to make a profit. Of course don't forget to figure the cost of gas to get there and back each time you set up. Maybe you better price high then go down if they don't sell. Just a thought....... I never done farmers market myself. I figure just too much competition for the limited items one is allowed to sale there. but takes those same plants with other items that farmers markets don't allow and set up at a flea market. I think at days end you might have a more profitable day. But again if those plants don't sell then what??? farmers market. Anyway good luck. It is a dog eat dog world out there.

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I think you are right about the flea market. I belong the farmers market but have never sold anything there. we have a person that sets the price so no one is under sold. but I think their to high. a lot of the time they are higher than the grocery. I want to set my own price. so I would try to set up some other than the farmers market. that's my opinion.

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Our little town started a farmer's marker and I have never sold because they say you have to have a quality scale to sell produce by the pound to be in line with SNAP (food stamps) programs. You might check that out, too.

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