Impatiens drooping badly

redkittenJuly 9, 2008

This has happened to me recently before, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have an NG impatiens that I keep indoors. It gets some indirect morning light, and I keep a close eye on it, watering it when it starts to look a little bit less than perky.

But now the leaves are drooping badly. They're soft and limp, not brittle or dry. There are no flowers on the plant. And even the stems on one side of the plant are drooping badly. I just checked the soil and it's damp, but definitely not mushy, I'd say. It's in the same pot in which I bought it (it used to be a hanging basket). If anybody can give me any advice, I'd appreciate it, because I already had one impatiens die on me with the exact same symptoms, and I'd prefer to not have to go through this again.


Thank you.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

If the soil is damp still and the plant is drooping, it is more than likely rot. You should let the soil dry a little between waterings. Also make sure that the water drains out the bottom of the pot. I have seen some pots that have a built in water storage system. These pots do not drain but are designed to hold water until the plant needs it. It is supposed to help keep you from watering all the time. If you over water the plant rots. You mostly see these things as hanging baskets.

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