My Balsam seedlings

greenmouliJuly 20, 2008


I sowed my Balsam seeds on 10th July 2008 directly on a pot outdoors and most of them (now 7 in total) have germinated by 17th July 2008. Now two of them have grown tall to about 3 or so inches and are yet to give out true leaves (they're just showing on the surface of the opened leaves of the seedling but are yet to show up. I was just wondering how long it'd be before they start actually becoming plants. I'm not being impatient and all that but curious.

In fact, I sowed the Jequirity (Rosary Pea) seeds on 12th July and one of them has germinated on 17th July and two days later they've started giving out an inch of true leaves. This got me wondering if I needed to do something with my Balsam seeds.

Since this is my first time with growing any plant from seeds, I'm nervous as to whether I'm doing things right. Any help of enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.


(P.S.: I'm from India, just to let you know so not sure if there are any zones or such classifications here)

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I would just leave them they sound like they are doing fine. They can take brighter light then other species of Impatiens and they could be stretching a bit. You might consider moving them to a bright location.

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Hi mrimpatiens!

I have moved them to a brighter place and they've given out their first true leaves but my worry is that their stem is too long and thin. I've read in many forums that the tomato stems can be buried. Can I do the same to impatiens. I'm afraid of losing them at this stage, as all of them are looking healthy except their long, weak stems. Any suggestions?

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Here's a pic of my Impatiens Balsamina's seedlings. Are they ready to be transplanted? Or do I wait for the leaves to grow bigger?

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Just thought I'd record the growth of the Impatiens from beginning:

16th Jul 2008

20th Jul 2008

3rd Aug 2008

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