Impatiens disease

Jane5(z5 MO)July 2, 2006

I have been gardening for several years now. Impatiens are one annual I have always loved and make sure I have several every year. I love their non-stop color, they always do just wonderful for me. Well last year my impatiens got a mystery illness and I ended up yanking them all out and really missed their color. So this spring I decided to start them from seed so I wouldnÂt have to worry about a disease again. Well darn if they didnÂt get it again. Now I am a smoker and I know about washing my hands before touching my plants. They also are all in new soil and some are even still in the six packs that I planted them in so I know itÂs not the containers. But this is not looking like what I read about the tobacco rattle virus. The leaves are a nice dark green, but they are all curling under. Not just a little, but to the point that they donÂt look like leaves at all. And the plants are not really flowering, or growing much. Has anyone ever had to deal with this before. Do I have a chance to fix this, or do I have do give up on impatiens. Also, I tried cutting them back and starting cuttings, the new growth came back the same and the cutting did root, but not well and I donÂt think the plants will amount to anything. Any help here would be REALLY appreciated!

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Sounds more like pests or feeding situation not really virus.
It could ba aphids or if in a dry area mites. This happens to me sometimes. Sucking type bug are really the bane of Impatiens. You might want to try spraying them with thing to wipe them out. There are many things out there to help get rid of them.
Over feeding can sometimes cause leaf curl.

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