Impatiens Losing Leaves?

cburkottJuly 28, 2007

Hello, I'm new to this forum and new to gardening! I fell in love last year after planting impatiens under a large shade tree in our front yard. Last year it grew gloriously, covering the entire base of the tree! Just beautiful!

This year, I planted in the same fashion under the same tree, and I'm not having very much luck!!! The plants all have few leaves on them, but new buds are continuing to form and flowering. I'm wondering if the deer or rabbits are getting to them. The few leaves that are there look healthy?

From the same flats, I planted some of the impatiens in planters, and those have done VERY well.

Anyone else experience this? Thanks in advance!!!

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

It could be the soil is not fertile enough. You might want to try some pellet fertilizer on them, I personally like Dynamite. They say theirs is better for the environment and my plants really seem to respond.

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I too am having the same problem. Last year I planted impatiens under my tree and they bloomed like crazy. This year however, my impatiens did not do so great. The only possible thing I can think of is that the tree is taking in most of the water. I noticed new shoots at the base of my tree, something I didnt have last year. Last year I had only a few shoots, but this year I have so much. To top it off, last years shoots are now 8' tall. Because of this, my flowers got very little light and every time I water, the roots of the tree have been benefiting from it leaving the impatiens with no water or sun. I fertalized too...again..the impatiens did not bloom like it could. The tree however is out of control. Next year I will need a new spot for my flowers.

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Thanks MrImpatiens! I will try that....I was wondering also if it might be the ground condition. I love the way they look when they are doing well! My container plants are doing so wonderfully that I had to cut them back quite a bit!

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I feel it is all about water.

Just looking around my neighborhood year after year...
good rain - good impatiens, guys who water there lawns and gardens incessantly: good impatiens.
water well, nevery let soil dry out, feed once a month

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I was worried I was watering too much.....I'm growing mushrooms there as well!

I took a picture of them today, just wish I knew how to get them on here!

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Imps are very sensitive to lack of water - losing leaves is a survival technique for them when they don't have enough water - drop the leaves and save the plant. A tree will suck up all the water too. I'd water more - and fertilize.

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greenhouser(Middle TN Zone 6)

I've found spider mites the most common cause of Impatiens losing their leaves.

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