needed a variaty recommended

mrtoad(7b NC)May 18, 2013

near the potager - back house corner brick- this side end of house two story - other end is ground level - i want to soften the brick a bit - would like to plant a climbing hydrangea - primary concern is how vigorous and long does it climb/grow - nice blooming is important of course

thanks so much

mr toad

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Hydrangea Anomola subsp. Petiolaris is hardy to Zone 4 and can grow up a street pole, a 2 story house, a taller tree or a longer fence like a piece of cake. A big ole structure 30-50 feet high is no problem but a smaller structure like a one story house would be fine too. Its spread is of 5-6 feet. It will grow upwards on that which it is trained to grow and, once it reaches the top, it starts to bloom regularly. Until it reaches the top, it will either not bloom or not bloom much. It likes sun.

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